ABOUT THE ARTIST: Paul graduated from Pratt Institute with a B.F.A. in Communications Design. His work has been published in the text book, Color: How to Use It by Marcie Cooperman.  Based in NYC, he is employed full-time as a graphic designer for a non-profit and freelances regularly. He is also the founder of Vanderberg Designs, a service providing hand-drawn invitations for all occasions.

ABOUT HIS WORK: Made with pens and markers, Paul’s illustrations explore themes and aesthetics of older times in a way that feels nostalgic yet fresh and vibrant. In addition to antique maps and vintage posters, he also specializes in hand-done letter design, crest/coat-of-arms design, mosaic-style illustration, and other imagery of a pre-digital age.

While he prefers to use traditional media in his illustrations, Paul also freelances graphic design and translates his custom-made charm to computer work seamlessly. Freelance work includes iconography and typography, logo design, label/package design, and graphics for clothing.